A well conceived master plan is essential to achieving the garden of your dreams. Our design process takes into account your site conditions (sun, soil, views, neighbors etc…), desired plant palette, and most importantly, your goals for how you’d like to use and experience your garden in your daily life. We assess these factors to come up with a detailed plan that will save you time and money on projects of all sizes.




If you’re looking to diagnose a specific issue, or just need a few ideas to freshen up your property, we offer consulting services on an hourly basis. This can be an affordable way to kick-start your next outdoor project.


Additional Services

Project Management:
We can connect you with, and oversee the trades needed to construct a professional landscape.

Planting Plans:
Are your patios, deck, and pathways done, but you need to plant (or re-plant) a section of your yard? We’ll develop a planting plan tailored to your specific site conditions.

Plant Deliveries:
We’ll use our knowledge of local nurseries to hand select and deliver the best available specimens from your plant list.

Furniture + Decor:
Source and acquire fountains, garden art, and outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor living space.